12 May 2016

The Snowcrest Tropical Green Power Smoothie Packs Now Available at All Costco Clubs Nationally

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With the overwhelming success of Snowcrest Farm’s customer-winning Fresh Frozen “Fruit and Veggie Smoothie” packs; the company is excited to announce the launch of their new Fresh Frozen “Tropical Green Power Smoothie” Packs. Both products are now available at Costco stores across Canada.

Each Smoothie-Ready 1.36 kg Bag contains six ready-to-use 227 gr packs for a total of 12 servings. Essential smoothie ingredients include the perfect mixture of plump, juicy and sweet mangos, pineapples, green chickpeas, spinach and bananas. This scrumptious “Green Power” treat is loaded with plant-based protein, and is an excellent source of vitamin C, a very high source of fibre, a source of iron and a source of vitamin A.

The Snowcrest Farms “Healthy & Delicious Just Got Easier” campaign continues with their new smoothie-pack lines, which were created to address the growing healthy lifestyles of today’s target markets: 1. Sports, fitness and yoga, 2. Health and wellness, 3. Baby boomers and seniors, 4. Vegetarians and vegans and 5. Families with young children.

BC Proud since 1959, Snowcrest Foods Ltd. has become a British Columbian success story. Their line of products can be segmented into these main sectors: Frozen Organize Products, Frozen Products and Veggie Products. The pre-washed and ready-to-eat natural and organic product line includes: Tropical Green Power Smoothie Mix, Fruit and Veggie Smoothie Mix, Blueberries, Sliced Strawberries, Raspberries, Mango Chunks, Rhubarb, Fruit Medley, Berry Blend, Cranberries and Pomegranates. Organic Fruit Products include Wild Blueberries, Mango Chunks, Sliced Strawberries and Berry Blend and more. Availability and sizes may vary from store to store and region to region.
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