13 Sep 2018

SNOWCREST® Sets out to save the fruit with PERFECTLY IMPERFECT™ frozen fruits

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Tackling Canada’s Food Waste Problem One Forgotten Fruit
At A Time

Vancouver, BC (September 11, 2018) – Snowcrest® launches its line of Perfectly Imperfect™ frozen fruits that contain “ugly” but perfectly wonderful fruits that simply didn’t make the grade due to size or look.

This new line is the company’s way to tackle the food waste problem in Canada, which is among the world’s worst according to a recent report by the Commission for Environment Cooperation*. Snowcrest Foods, the parent company of Perfectly Imperfect™ Frozen Fruits, is the only B.C. based producer to take on this initiative at a national level and second only to Loblaw’s imperfect frozen produce initiative.
According to a 2017 report by the Commission for Environment Corporation*, “approximately 13 million tonnes of food are thrown away in Canada each year,” nearly 396 kilograms kg per Canadian. In fact, of all the produce grown, approximately 20 percent never makes it to the shelf because their size and shape isn’t quite perfect.

Ray Biln, president of Snowcrest Food, says the company wanted to develop ways to recover fruit that would normally go to waste and so they launched the Perfectly Imperfect™ line to
tackle food waste wherever it occurs – from farm to fork.

“We wanted to do it in a way that would positively impact the community and the environment,” says Biln. “In everything we do, we believe in providing not only quality fruits and vegetables, but we do so with the utmost safety standards as well.”
Perfectly Imperfect™ Frozen Fruits have high nutritional value and are ideal for cooking and baking, making delicious smoothies or using as toppings for cereals and yogurts. They are also more affordable than other non-imperfect brands.

Today, Perfectly Imperfect™ is found in grocers’ frozen produce aisles on Vancouver Island and in the Lower Mainland including IGA, Country Grocers, Quality Foods and Fairway Market. The product line will be available across Canada in Winter 2018.

Perfectly Imperfect™ Frozen line of fruits are available in 1.75kg packages and range in price from $9.97 – $11.99. The product line includes:

• Snowcrest® Perfectly Imperfect™ frozen Cultivated Blueberries
• Snowcrest® Perfectly Imperfect™ frozen Berry Blend
• Snowcrest® Perfectly Imperfect™ frozen Fruit Medley
• Snowcrest® Perfectly Imperfect™ frozen Mango Chunks
• Snowcrest® Perfectly Imperfect™ frozen Sliced Strawberries

The Perfectly Imperfect™ line is among other Snowcrest® brands that includes Snowcrest Frozen; Snowcrest Organic Frozen; Snowcrest Selectables Frozen; and Boom! Smoothie Fast Packs.

Reference: *CEC. 2017. Characterization and Management of Food Loss and Waste in North America. Montreal, Canada: Commission for Environment Cooperation. 48pp