Frozen Product line

Snowcrest is pleased to offer a wide array of frozen fruit products that are ready to use on cereals, in yogurt or in your favorite recipe. We invite you to enjoy the fresh fruit taste year round through our Snowcrest products. Look for us at your local grocery store.

Tropical Green Power Smoothie Packs – 1.36 kg
Tropical Green Smoothie Packs are a delicious mix of plump...
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Fruit & Veggie Smoothie Packs – 1.36 kg
Snowcrest Farms Fruit & Veggie Smoothie Packs are a delicious...
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Fruit Medley – 600 g
Snowcrest Fruit Medley is a colourful blend of fresh-picked...
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Blueberries – 600 g
Snowcrest plump, juicy, sweet blueberries are packed...
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Mango Chunks – 600 g
Snowcrest sumptuous, nutritionally rich tropical mango chunks...
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