11 Sep 2012

Budding Entrepreneurs Win our Smoothie Contest

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Dear Snowcrest Foods,

Maya and Scott are so thrilled to learn they are the Summer Breeze Smoothie Contest winners! I am Scott’s mother–“Scott” is really Robin, and “Maya” is Isabel. Let me tell you about them!

These two children, ages 11 and 10, are dearest friends, and until five years ago were next-door neighbours. Isabel’s family moved, but they come home for five weeks every year and stay just up the street. For the past several summers, Robin and Isabel have operated a “smoothie shop” on our back porch called Dreamscape Cafe. They make smoothies from scratch and sell to the neighbours. They take the business seriously and work very hard. I’ve included a recent photo of them from this summer.

Needless to say, we are all so very, very excited for them. Isabel just called to tell us about the email she had received from you. My first reaction was, “Is this a joke?” They are beside themselves!

As for their “other” names, they are creative kids, what can I say?

Many thanks from two budding entrepreneurs and cooks,

Elizabeth on behalf of Maya and Scott

Check out Isabel and Robin’s winning recipe: Super Fruit Smoothie


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