03 Apr 2013

Berry Research for Oral Health

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US: Berry research for oral health

Researchers have once again been delving into the potential health giving qualities of fruits – berries on this occasion.
They have been exposing extracts from berries to human saliva. The idea is to ascertain which of them can best withstand the exposure and, therefore, make it beyond the mouth and into the body, thus bestowing their healthful qualities upon the consumer.

The work, carried out by the Ohio State University, is ongoing and researchers say it is too early at this stage to say which fruits are best for health promotion based on this method.

The researchers exposed extracts of anthocyanin pigments from blueberries, chokeberries, blackberries, red grapes and strawberries to the saliva collected from 14 people. Blackberries, in particular, have been shown in numerous previous studies to have chemopreventive effects on tumors in the mouth, esophagus and colon, mostly in animal studies. Their high anthocyanin content has been linked to those benefits.

“All fruits are unique because their chemical composition, or fingerprint, varies,” says Mark Failla, professor of human nutrition at Ohio State. “There are many different edible berries. Some might be better for providing health-promoting effects within the oral cavity, whereas others may be more beneficial for colonic health.”

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